Welcome to ohmTown, the home of ohmTown Studios and your home, online.

The site consists of the directory of all things ohmTown related, a list of all of the shows and a social network of those interested in what is going on at ohmTown Studios. You’ll find forums and groups for each show, and a link to the show site is found under the Main Street sign.

There are Arts & Crafts shows, News shows, Business shows and Educational shows. There are technology related shows and shows for music and movies. There are even politics and law shows. All of these shows are conducted live, and unlike most shows, the highlight are not celebrities in a given area of interest. No, ohmTown is about you and me, regular joes who work everyday jobs. Interviews are conducted when someone wants to come on the air and talk about themselves, their products or whatever comes to mind. Think fireside chat, but one that spans thousands of miles of space and can be conducted at any time with anyone.

ohmTown was created by James Hatch, the owner of HATCHideas and the host of the shows and known as Mayor Watt here at ohmTown. The mayor created all the shows, acquired the domains, and put ohmTown.com together as a way to gather all of his interests into one place. Since there are so many directions, it was also believed to be of interest to a broad number of people who are also interested in these different topics. The mayor is more interested in talking with the people in these areas than ever before, and so, please… stop by and introduce yourselves.

Shows are conducted through the Spreecast service, uStream.tv and Google on the Air. You can visit the show channels to see which shows are underway right now or go through the directory of shows to watch something that interests you. Don’t forget, there are groups and forums for each show as well as the live netcast. With 50 shows a week planned, there is surely something you are interested in.

Thanks for stopping by,

James Hatch aka “Mayor Watt”
Mayor of ohmTown

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