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'Time to reactivate MySpace': the day Australia woke up to a Facebook news blackout

Facebook users flocked to Twitter to complain about the ban, which also struck community pages, health departments, charities and politicians• Facebook blocks Australian users and publishers from viewing or sharing news • Blocking Australian news shows Facebook’s pledge to fight misinformation is farcicalAt 5.30am Australian east coast time, after months of threats and failed attempts to lobby the government over proposed new media laws, Facebook banned the sharing of news in Australia.The first to notice were morning news producers. The main page of the national broadcaster, ABC, was down. Guardian Australia’s page was also down. Australians trying to post links to news publishers on their personal Facebook pages received an error message. Continue reading…

How will seafarers fare once automated ships take over? Scientists predict the future

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the world, one industry at a time! Whatever humans can do, machines are learning to also do effectively, with lower costs and fewer errors. The maritime shipping industry is no different. Ships are now increasingly automated (called maritime autonomous surface ships or MASSs), reducing the need for human input. While this bodes well for labor and fuel costs, the question naturally raised is, what happens to the jobs of seafarers, the chief workforce of the shipping industry, once MASSs take over.

Epic Games warns Australian regulatory authorities about Apple’s ‘anti‐competitive’ practices

In another chapter of the battle between Epic Games and Apple, the game company is now appealing to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) against Apple’s “anti-competitive” practices regarding the App Store. According to Epic, Apple’s conduct and “unrestrained market power” can result in “significant harm” to consumers.
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Apple TV+ drama 'Mosquito Coast' debuts April 30, gets first trailer

Apple has released the first trailer for its new Apple TV+ drama “Mosquito Coast,” and has set a premiere date for April 30.The first two episodes of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ will debut April 30The seven episode show is based on the best-selling book by the same name, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021. “The Mosquito Coast” follows a family who is uprooted by radical idealist on the run from the US government. Read more…