Wayô Records to Release Vinyl and CD Re-issue for ActRaiser

  • Wayô Records to Release Vinyl and CD Re-issue for ActRaiser

    Posted by Anonymous on January 13, 2021 at 11:49 AM

    After releasing music from Skies of Arcadia and Grandia, Wayô Records is working on its next project: SNES platforming and city building adventure ActRaiser. Perfect news whether you’re running around town or relaxing at home! This unique Quintet title boasts a Yuzo Koshiro soundtrack that was released once in 1991 and has long since been out of print. It’s often cited as one of the SNES’s best, making this an excellent opportunity to have this music.

    ActRaiser also got a beautiful symphonic suite that was performed in 2018 by the New Japan BGM Philharmonic Orchestra, and Wayô Records has included that in this release, making this a combined original soundtrack and symphonic suite. The OST portion also includes some previously unused tracks composed on the PC88 (SoundBoard II).

    Of even more interest to collectors, this package is available on both CD and vinyl. The CD version spans 41 tracks, while the vinyl version sports 28. Still, there are several perks for the vinyl version. If you happen to have a record player/turntable to use, you can get a remaster of the Symphonic Suite performance by Shinji Hosoe and illustrations by Ayano Koshiro. Not to mention that fancy blue pattern on the records!

    From this announcement trailer, it looks like the Wayô team is ready to summon the Master to rebuild access to this singular musical work for its upcoming 30th anniversary. (Has it really been that

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