Hands-On: The New Aquastar Model 60

  • Hands-On: The New Aquastar Model 60

    Posted by Gatherer  on May 26, 2023 at 9:23 AM

    Fun news from the world of vintage-effect dive watches today as modern-day Aquastar is back with another banger from the past, a re-creation of the brand’s influential Model 60. Over the past few years, we’ve seen Aquastar launch an array of Deepstar re-creations, but the Model 60’s design links directly with both the earliest days of Aquastar (and even Jean Richard) and the earliest evolutions of the skin diver format.

    This new Aquastar 60 is meant to be a direct re-creation of a third-generation Model 60, which dates back to 1960 and is part of a truly wonderful history that includes the early days of diving and even being one of the watches worn to the bottom of the ocean on Challenger Deep in 1960.

    It’s a great story and one that my pal Jason Heaton summarized nicely for a story in 2020 when Aquastar launched the Deepstar Chronograph. As I can’t do it any better than Heaton, the next few paragraphs are all his.

    The Backstory – Aquastar, Jean Richard, And The Marianas Trench

    Aquastar might not be a name familiar to many, but it was perhaps the single most innovative dive watch brand of the 1960s, with over a dozen patents for everything from bezels to depth gauges. The company had its genesis within the venerable Jean Richard brand, one of the oldest Swiss watch brands at the time. The first dive watch from Jean Richard was the Aquastar 60, debuting in

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