3D Printed Batteries: Powering Our Future?

  • 3D Printed Batteries: Powering Our Future?

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    April 6, 2021 at 9:20 AM

    3D printed batteries have been an area of interest for us in the 3D printing industry for a number of years now. Not often discussed, it is something that is being researched. For both consumer electronics and electric vehicles, 3D printed batteries could be very impactful. 3D printed batteries are exciting because:

    They could be flexible, which would let them be used for wearables or in other applications that were previously problematic. They could be readily customized for one particular application, part or use case. They could be designed to be conformal, following the shape of a specific device, so they easily fit into a mobile phone housing, for example. They could be built into a component, as well as a battery, to reduce part counts in electronics and make thinner electronics—e.g., a battery printed to have a hole for a screw and a housing for a chip. Batteries could be printed so that they save weight or reduce mass. Geometry could be optimized, to dissipate heat, for example. New battery designs, materials or manufacturing methods could be commercialized with 3D printing to optimize battery production for each individual vehicle or application. Higher energy densities could be achieved through

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