3D Printing with Clay Filament

  • 3D Printing with Clay Filament

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    April 20, 2021 at 2:22 AM

    3D printing technology may have made huge strides in the last decade, but most 3D printing processes are still limited to using plastic-based raw materials. While plastic has great workability, it’s not always the best option in terms of visual appeal.

    Alternative 3D printing materials are starting to become more popular, one of which is clay filament. Clay is a great choice if you want your 3D printed projects to have a more architectural or decorative appearance. What are the options for 3D printing with clay and are there any clay filaments that are convenient to use?

    Options for 3D printing with clay

    If you want to 3D print something that will look like clay, there are three options available to you.

    Clay filament

    The easier method is to use a composite clay filament. Just like other composite filaments, this is made by infusing powdered solid with a plastic matrix, typically PLA. In this case, powdered stone provides both the unique appearance and texture of composite clay filament.

    If you have ever printed with composite filament before, then this method should be very easy for you. Composite filaments are fairly simple to work with because they do not have warping issues. You may need to swap out your stock nozzle with something that is more abrasion-resistant. Other than that, printing with composite filament is beginner-friendly.

    Clay resin

    For those who prefer 3D printing with SLA, FormLabs has developed a special ceramic resin. Described as an affordable way to 3D

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