Italian Eco-Habitat Complete Thanks to WASP’s 3D Printing Cranes

  • Italian Eco-Habitat Complete Thanks to WASP’s 3D Printing Cranes

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    April 22, 2021 at 8:22 AM

    Could 3D printed homes revolutionize urban planning? Probably not yet, but a pioneering Italian project is moving the needle forward when it comes to additively manufactured eco-habitats made of raw earth. The highly-publicized sustainable living project TECLA, designed by Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) and engineered by WASP, is finally complete. Integrating sustainability, vernacular construction practices, bioclimatic principles, and on-site 3D construction, the collaborative plan resulted in an innovative, low carbon, circular housing model.

    Completed in April 2021, the 3D structure occupies ​​about 60 square meters, with a seating zone, kitchen, and night area. At first glance, it feels like stepping into a work of art, primarily due to the curvatures and minimalistic feel, utterly different to conventional housing structures or any of the century-old popular architectural home styles we have become accustomed to. Nevertheless, it is much more than that, the natural identity of the building feels much closer to Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic green designs, created by the American architect to flow and coexist with the natural life surrounding it.

    The TECLA 3D printed house in Italy. Image courtesy of WASP/MCA.

    Built in the Massa Lombarda region in northern Italy,

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