Contractors have adapted relatively well to the changing landscape

  • Contractors have adapted relatively well to the changing landscape

    Posted by on December 24, 2020 at 12:20 AM

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    It may be slow to change, and cluttered like a baroque Christmas tree, but the federal acquisition and contracting apparatus in the government has proven surprisingly adaptable. That’s a chief finding in the every-two-years survey conducted by the Professional Services Council. With details, the council’s Executive Vice President and Counsel, Alan Chvotkin, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

    Interview transcript:

    Tom Temin: Alan, let’s start with who do you ask about this for the annual acquisition survey.

    Alan Chvotkin: This is a survey of federal acquisition executives, those charged with the front line, the chief acquisition officers, but we also talked to oversight activities such as congressional staff, some of the inspectors general or Government Accountability Office officials as well. So it’s all about the federal government, nothing about the contractors in this survey.

    Tom Temin: Alright. And what this showed from the results is that COVID-19 was probably the biggest effect that they face over the last year.

    Alan Chvotkin: We have no question about it. It predominated the answers. While there were five broad themes, the number one thing was the operational resilience, and the workforce adaptability all associated with contracting and the whole acquisition process. So even though most of the contracting officials that started that calendar year were unsure and working from home and having to adapt,

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