Uncertain times get more uncertain for federal contractors

  • Uncertain times get more uncertain for federal contractors

    Posted by on December 23, 2020 at 12:19 AM

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    Tense times have arrived for federal contractors. Whether seeming coercion to lower contracted prices or the threat of supply chain sanctions for anyone connected to the SolarWinds epic breach. For analysis, Federal Drive with Tom Temin turned to federal sales and marketing consultant Larry Allen.

    Interview transcript:

    Tom Temin: Larry, let’s start with that SolarWinds breach. That’s a supply chain issue and infected not only the government, but also the government suppliers. And so nobody can figure out where all of this hash is going to end or what the effects are. But it could really mean trouble for supplier relations and the government, couldn’t it?

    Larry Allen: Tom it could mean trouble on a number of different layers. First, on the technology level, it seems to be a breach of unprecedented size and depth and breadth. And as you alluded to, it’s both on the side of government agencies and government contractors. And right now, we’re not even sure of all of the changes, problems, what all of the breaches really mean. So that’s going to have to be evaluated from the technology side. And certainly that may impact some sensitive systems, whether your private sector supplier or government agency.

    Tom Temin: Yes, because I’m thinking of this juxtaposed with the still relatively brand new CMMC, cybersecurity model maturity certification

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