‘A Township Tale’ Quest Review – VR’s Most Immersive MMO-like Yet

  • ‘A Township Tale’ Quest Review – VR’s Most Immersive MMO-like Yet

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    July 21, 2021 at 10:21 AM

    MMO-like A Township Tale has been available on PC VR for a few years now, but today’s launch on Quest opens the game up to a whole new audience. With support for up to eight simultaneous players and immersive interactions at its core, there’s nothing else quite like A Township Tale out there.

    A Township Tale Details:

    Available On: Oculus Quest & PC VR
    $10 (Quest), Free (PC)
    Cross-play: No (planned for future)
    : Alta
    Release Date: July 15th, 2021
    Reviewed On: Quest 2

    A Township Tale is free-to-play on PC but costs $10 on Quest. However, the Quest version includes 1,000 Talems (the in-game currency for premium cosmetics) and the ability to run your own server (which on PC costs $10 per month).


    On its face, Township Tale is a game about finding an abandoned town and working together with friends to fix it up and create a functional community. Along the way there’s tons to explore and discover. Not just the world around the town, but the game’s breadth of mechanics and professions like cooking, mining, blacksmithing, carpentry, and more.

    Image courtesy Alta

    Township Tale is very open-ended; there is no explicit story or quest structure. The game starts you off with a tutorial of the absolute basics. It’s up to you—and your compatriots—to figure out the rest. At its best, discovering how the world works is a blast. Every time you find a new item, area, or learn how to make something new, it feels like the world is expanding before your eyes.

    While some parts of the game—thanks to fairly intuitive immersive designs—offer that thrill, other parts can feel obtuse and frustrating. Players who are not patient and persistent will likely tire of Township Tale quickly for this reason. And while you could certainly opt to look everything up in the official Wiki, discovering it together is really the heart of the game.

    Whether or not you have friends to share in the highs and lows of discovery and adventure will likely play a significant role in your enjoyment of the game. While any number of players can ‘belong’ to a server, up to eight can be connected at once on Quest. Cross-play with PC isn’t supported, but developer Alta says it expects to add this in the future.

    Township Tale’s avatar system has great customization thanks to a wide range of options, including the ability to pick the color (and often secondary color) of pretty much anything you can customize on your character. Figuring out how to save your avatar and apply it before joining a server can be pretty confusing on the first run, but it works pretty well once you understand it, and supports 10 different avatar outfits which you can swap between.

    While Township Tale might be missing the ‘massive’ part of ‘massively multiplayer online’ (MMO), it definitely has that MMO-like feel of adventuring around a persistent world that everyone is contributing to. I can’t imagine playing the game solo (nor would I recommend it);

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