‘Deep Rock Galactic’ VR Modders Make Progress with Motion Controls

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  • ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ VR Modders Make Progress with Motion Controls

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    November 25, 2021 at 3:20 AM

    Deep Rock Galactic is a cult-favorite PC co-op game where teams of up to four players dive into perilous caverns in search of precious minerals while battling hordes of alien bugs along the way. The excellently atmospheric game has been subject to requests for VR support ever since launching in Early Access back in 2018. A major update to the game recently took the first step toward making that wish a reality by opening the door for VR modders to experiment.

    Update (November 25th, 2021): Modders have been quick to jump on the newly opened opportunity to mod Deep Rock Galactic with VR support. While the first tests simply showed that the game could be correctly displayed inside of headsets, just a few weeks later modders have already demonstrated functional motion controls.

    While there's still plenty of work to do before the mod is ready for prime time, modders have also showed that things are working well enough to play through a complete mission (albeit not with motion controls or any comfort adjustments).

    Even after fully functional motion controls are added, there will still be a lot of work to do to get the game's informational UI and interactive UI into VR, followed by some reasonable accommodations for VR comfort.

    The original article, which overviews the genesis of the Deep Rock Galactic VR mod, continues below.

    Original Article (November 5th, 2021): Developer Ghost Ship Games this week launched a major update to Deep Rock Galactic which adds new weapons to the

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