Nine Tips & Tricks for New Quest 2 Owners

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  • Nine Tips & Tricks for New Quest 2 Owners

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    November 24, 2021 at 12:28 PM

    Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best headsets for first-time VR users, and it's bringing plenty of new users into VR for the first time. Here's nine tips worth knowing right out of the gate to improve your experience.

    Updated – November 22nd, 2021

    1. Turn on Passthrough Background & Passthrough Shortcut

    ‘Passthrough' is when you use the Quest 2 cameras to look outside the headset. You will have seen this when you first set up the device. And while it might seem novel at first to have your ‘virtual home' be some sci-fi apartment or fantasy landscape, I can tell you now that using the passthrough view as your background actually makes the headset much easier to use.

    That's because you can put on the headset first and then easily see where your controllers are to pick them up, instead of blindly feeling around. This is also much nicer than putting on your headset while the controllers are dangling from your wrists by their straps.

    Also, whenever you go back to your home space you'll be able to see your relative position within your playspace boundary, allowing you to move back to the center in case you've wandered toward the edge (don't be the next person to post a picture of the TV you broke while playing a VR boxing game).

    And if you want to be able to quickly peek outside your headset, you don't have to bother taking it off. With Passthrough Short

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