‘Sniper Elite VR’ Review – Satisfying Sniping in Need of Some Backup

  • ‘Sniper Elite VR’ Review – Satisfying Sniping in Need of Some Backup

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    July 14, 2021 at 10:27 AM

    Sniper Elite VR is the first made-for-VR game in the long running franchise. True to its name, the game delivers satisfying sniper gameplay, including its signature x-ray kill cam. But beyond that, the war stories aren’t worth writing home about.

    Sniper Elite VR Details:

    Available On: Oculus Quest & RiftSteam, PSVR
    : Rebellion, Just Add Water and Coatsink
    Publisher: Rebellion
    Release Date: July 8th, 2021
    Reviewed On: Quest 2

    Gameplay Image courtesy Rebellion

    Note: Because Quest video capture uses the right-eye view, my (left-eye) clips don’t show what it looks like to look through the scope.

    Sniper Elite VR is the second major single-player WWII VR game to come to VR, not long after Respawn’s Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond (our review). The game centers around an Italian resistance fighter who is recounting his war stories.

    First and foremost, Sniper Elite VR is, of course, about sniping. And to that end, the developers did a fine job of translating the feeling of the franchise’s signature sniping action into VR. Specifically, the game features perhaps the best looking and most usable sniper scopes that I’ve seen in any VR game to date. Combined with an essential ‘focus’ slow-motion feature which allows you to zoom in further for precise shots, the sniper rifles generally satisfy with just enough challenge to remain engaging.

    The cherry on top for the game’s sniping is the franchise’s signature x-ray kill cam that occasionally gives you an up-close and inside look at exactly what parts of the enemy you just obliterated. Seeing bone and teeth flying after hitting an annoying enemy is gruesomely satisfying.

    That being said, within the first level I had to turn down the frequency of the kill cam one or two notches to prevent it from happening too frequently that it became annoying. Props to the developers for making this an option.

    Image courtesy Rebellion

    So, the core sniping mechanics are pretty solid, but Sniper Elite VR unfortunately doesn’t create a particularly rich sandbox for you to play within. The game’s levels are immensely forgettable due to the game’s inability to offer up more than a handful scenarios, leaving the game feeling like shooting gallery after shooting gallery. There’s some close-quarters combat sprinkled throughout, but the close-range weapons weren’t paid quite as much attention as the sniper rifles and end up lacking punch.

    When it comes down to it, Sniper Elite VR shares a surprising number of flaws with its other WWII VR brethren, Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond. Specifically, the game lacks meaningful differentiation between weapons and enemies.

    There’s four classes of weapon within the game, Sniper, Pistol, SMG, and Shotgun. Shotgun can basically be written off because they’re sluggish and get you too close to the game’s enemies (which kill you frustratingly fast at shotgun range). Pistols are largely useless as well, save a single silenced pistol that you get about 25% into the game, which makes it possible to kill enemies without alerting anyone nearby.

    Image courtesy Rebellion

    Then there are

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