Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair Garners Over $2.7M on Kickstarter

  • Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair Garners Over $2.7M on Kickstarter

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    June 9, 2021 at 10:21 AM

    Following the original Yaw motion simulator chair in 2018, which garnered Yaw VR over $200,000 on Kickstarter funding, Yaw VR returned to the crowdfunding platform to bring Yaw2 to life, a less compact, but decidedly more advanced motion simulator chair. The startup’s latest campaign is now over, and it’s garnered over $2.7 million backers eagerly awaiting the consumer-focused motion chair.

    Update (June 8th, 2021): In the week since we last reported, Yaw2 has seen a substantial surge in backers, bringing its overall funds to over $2.7 million.  Surprisingly, over $200,000 was pledged in the last few hours of that campaign, or around the total amount attracted in the entirety of its 2018 campaign.

    Yaw VR has yet to announce direct pre-orders, which will be available at some point via its website.

    Update (June 1st, 2021): Yaw2 just got over the $2 million mark today, which unlocks the campaign’s highest-projected stretch goal. Now, backers will get side support rails with their Yaw2 chairs, which will allow users to mount handbrakes, gear shifters or other accessories.

    Two weeks ago the project was at $1.5 million, so there’s no telling how much higher it can go in the remaining time. The campaign comes to an official close on June 7th, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for further stretch goals.

    Original Article (May 5th, 2021): Yaw2 is being billed as a ‘consumer-grade’ motion simulator, and that isn’t such a big stretch on the lower end of the cheapest remaining funding tier, which costs $1,090. That tier doesn’t include the actual chair bit, or modular ‘yaw platform’ which lets you swivel 360 degrees though. Still, the hardware platform seems to have struck a chord with simulator diehards, prosumers and arcades alike when it launched late last month on Kickstarter. At that time, that model was offered as cheap as $790.

    Now Yaw2 has already exploded past the initial funding goal of $100,000, having broken the $1 million mark in the first week since its April 23rd launch. It’s not showing any signs of stopping either. Yaw2 has garnered nearly $1,150,000 with a little over a month left to go before the campaign’s close.

    In comparison to the original 2018 version, which features 3DOF motion and a pretty compact seat that fits snuggly inside a spherical dome, Yaw2 seems to be a much more conventional motion platform thanks to its larger footprint, adjustable desk, and ability to integrate your own chair.

    If you want the most basic version of Yaw2 with 3DOF movement, which includes a modular ‘yaw platform’ for 360-degree swiveling, you’ll need to pony up $2,020 $1,470, which decidedly puts it right on the edge of the consumer category. That too doesn’t come with the seat portion itself, which you can either add yourself, or buy direct from Yaw VR for an additional $75 – $100 depending on how quick you are with your wallet.

    Image courtesy Yaw VR

    The company says Yaw2 is compatible with all major VR headsets, including Oculus

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