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    June 11, 2021 at 10:21 AM

    Half a dozen veteran performers do their best to elevate a patchy script in “Queen Bees,” a gentle romantic comedy set in a retirement community that one character describes as “‘Mean Girls’ with Medic- Alert bracelets.” Longtime sitcom and sitcom-like movie director Michael Lembeck (“Friends,” “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause”) keeps it light, though sometimes that translates to superficial. Think “Mean Golden Girls.” 

    Ellen Burstyn stars as Helen, a widow who is very attached to her devoted grandson Peter (Matthew Barnes). He visits her for tea every Thursday in the home she built with her late husband. Helen is very attached to the house as well, and is barely speaking to her daughter Laura (Elizabeth Mitchell), Peter’s mother, and a realtor who has suggested she sell the house and move into a nearby retirement community called Pine Grove. Helen keeps the house in meticulous condition but can be a bit forgetful. That leads to a kitchen fire, and Helen has to move out while the house is being repaired. The only option is Pine Grove, and she grudgingly agrees to move there for just one month.

    She is not sure which she finds more objectionable, all of the “Welcome to Pine Grove” greetings when she arrives (“I’m only staying for a month,” she snaps), or the clique-y derision of the bossy AARP mean girls who tell Helen she has to leave “their” table in the dining room and will not admit her to the

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