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    June 11, 2021 at 10:21 AM

    Remember when Pierce Brosnan used to make fun globetrotting movies like his turn as 007 and in the underrated remake of “The Thomas Crown Affair”? The charming actor clearly relished the chance to revisit that skill set in Renny Harlin’s “The Misfits,” a “Fast and Furious” riff about a makeshift family of criminals who need Brosnan’s expert lawbreaker to help them pull off the biggest heist of their careers. Sadly, no one involved has any idea what to do with Brosnan, burying his playful performance in a film that’s almost impressively soulless. This is hollow nonsense, a film designed purely to make money in international markets that has so little actual plot that it’s insulting. The characters are bland, the dialogue is atrocious, the action is mediocre, and even the heist is a boring bust.

    Pierce Brosnan is the guy trying to have a good time at the worst party he’s ever been to as he plays Richard Pace, a world-renowned criminal still pulling some small jobs but who seems to be past his thieving prime. That’s when he’s approached by The Misfits, a group of criminals who consider themselves modern day Robin Hoods. They want Pace to help them steal millions of gold bars that are reportedly being held under a maximum-security prison, but they’re not in it for the money. You see, the gold is used to fund terrorism, so they’re trying to cut off the cashflow of evil and send the profits to international charities.

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