GTA: San Andreas cheats – every vehicle, weapon and stat boost code

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  • GTA: San Andreas cheats – every vehicle, weapon and stat boost code

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    January 14, 2022 at 1:21 PM

    The GTA: San Andreas cheats for the original game are a lot of fun—they let you play around with Rockstar's sandbox and unlock an arsenal of vehicles and weapons to use. San Andreas' lifestyle and fitness mechanics also added a lot of cheat potential, giving you the ability to never go hungry, gain infinite lung capacity, or strip yourself of fat and muscle.

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    Compared to its older, wackier brother, GTA 5 is actually quite restrictive. You can do almost anything you want with San Andreas, from donning a jetpack, starting an all gang war in the streets, to making every driver instantly aggressive. More so that regular GTA drivers already are, anyway.

    Below you'll find nearly 90 San Andreas cheats to enhance your experience, from basic player enhancements like invulnerability or weapon and vehicle spawns, to the more exotic stuff: new outfits and altered civilian behaviours. Yes, you can arm every civilian and have them riot through the streets. And you should, too. 

    With GTA 6 still a long ways off, now's a great time to revisit the classics. That said, here's a massive list of GTA: San Andreas cheats for you to enjoy.

    How to use GTA: San Andreas cheats To activate a GTA: San Andreas cheat, you can use either the code or phrase listed next to your desired effect below.

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