Halo TV series: Everything we know so far

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  • Halo TV series: Everything we know so far

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    January 14, 2022 at 1:21 PM

    Though the Halo TV series started development all the way back in 2015, Master Chief's journey to a slightly different type of screen has not been an easy one. The sci-fi series was originally slated to be released on Showtime,  but since then, Paramount+ has taken the reigns, with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television producing it.

    Aside from that and some casting details, there isn't a whole lot we know right now. A trailer was released at The Game Awards last year, and while it did feature iconic elements such as a slightly weird looking Thunderhawk, High Charity, as well as Chief himself, it didn't reveal much about the plot beyond that the series is likely set around the events of the first three games.

    It looks like the series might also delve into John's backstory and time in the Spartan training programme as a child, though we won't know for such until its release some time this year, or when more details arrive. Still, here's everything we currently know about the Halo TV series, including cast members, leaked images, and production details.

    When is the Halo TV series release date?

    Showtime had originally said that the show was expected in the first quarter of 2021. Like many things in 2020, production on Showtime's Halo TV series was set back by the Covid-19 pandemic. It's now set for a Q1 2022 debut on Paramount+.

    Here's the Halo TV series trailer from The Game Awards

    Though it

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