Streamer apologizes for leaking game reveals, says he did it for clout and ‘the buzz’

  • Streamer apologizes for leaking game reveals, says he did it for clout and ‘the buzz’

    Posted by on September 23, 2022 at 1:28 AM

    Streamer Dan Allen, who was revealed yesterday as the person behind “The Real Insider” Twitter account that leaked (among other things) Ubisoft’s big Assassin’s Creed presentation, has apologized for his actions in a new video posted to YouTube, saying he did it all for clout and “the buzz.”

    “I’m ashamed of it. It was pathetic, and just dishonest,” Allen said in the video. “A lot of you are reaching [out] and saying, ‘Why the fuck did you do it?’ To be honest, it’s clout, it’s the buzz, it’s being addicted to the thrill of thousands waiting on what you’re going to say.”

    When he wasn’t posting leaks, Allen was running theDan Allen Gaming channel on YouTube, which features a wide variety of gaming content including guides, walkthroughs, and interviews, and currently boasts nearly 200,000 subscribers. His regular streaming job may not have offered the momentary rush he felt while revealing major secrets ahead of everyone else in the world, but on the other hand, he’s also far less likely to be sued as a result of it.

    Speaking of which, Allen claimed in his apology that many of his leaks, such as ones involving Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, did not violate NDAs because they were mostly made up.

    “Bullshit. Secondhand comments. Half the posts were educated guesses,” Allen said. “For example I put a photo up of Kratos just before the [Sony] State of Play. It was an educated guess due to the fact that [Kratos voice

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