Things I wish I knew before playing Marvel Snap

  • Things I wish I knew before playing Marvel Snap

    Posted by on November 24, 2022 at 8:23 AM

    Marvel Snap has taken over the digital card game space, and with players from all over the world rushing to thwart their enemies and level up, the competition can be tough. In this guide, I’ll share some tips and tricks I’ve learned through trial and—mostly—error that will give new players the upper hand to reign victorious.  

    Be goal orientated

    Words cannot describe how much I wish I had paid more attention to the Missions and Season Pass goals when I started playing Marvel Snap. The criteria can often be achieved passively as you play, but focusing on specific missions can pay off as you’ll win loads of credits and season pass rewards, leading to some healthy boosts to your Collection Levels, and by proxy, more cards. 

    Early on, the cost of upgrading base cards is a negligible 25 credits and five boosters. So by working towards specific tasks and banking the rewards as you progress to more expensive upgrades, you will have already done a lot of the work. Additionally, you can earn pockets of Gold through the free Recruit Season Pass, and gold is a resource that would otherwise cost real-world cash. This gold can be used to pick up Variant Cards, unlock more daily missions or pick up a sizable amount of credits to upgrade more cards.

    Shop smart

    The shop is located at the bottom left of the screen and is home to two key elements that can assist players in the early game. The

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