Streaming Policy

Streaming Media Policy for ohmTown (

1. Introduction
This Streaming Media Policy governs the use and distribution of streaming media content on ohmTown ( Our aim is to provide users with high-quality, reliable, and diverse streaming content that enriches their news consumption experience.

2. Content Standards

  • Quality and Reliability: We prioritize high-quality and reliable streaming content from credible sources.
  • Diversity: Our platform strives to present a wide range of viewpoints and covers a variety of topics and regions.
  • Accuracy: Content that is factually incorrect or misleading is not permitted.

3. User Access and Usage

  • Accessibility: We ensure that our streaming content is accessible to a wide audience, with considerations for users with disabilities.
  • Fair Usage: Users are encouraged to use the streaming media for personal, non-commercial purposes only.

4. Copyright and Licensing

  • Respect for Copyright: We strictly adhere to copyright laws and ensure proper licensing for all streamed content.
  • Attribution: Proper credit is given to content creators and sources.

5. Live Streaming Content

  • Monitoring: Live streams are monitored to ensure compliance with our content standards.
  • User Interaction: User comments and interactions during live streams must adhere to our Etiquette Policy.

6. User-Generated Content

  • Guidelines: User-generated streaming content must comply with our Content Policy and is subject to review.
  • Ownership: Users retain ownership of their content but grant us a license to host and distribute it.

7. Prohibited Content

  • Restrictions: Content that promotes hate speech, violence, illegal activities, or explicit material is prohibited.

8. Moderation and Enforcement

  • Moderation: Our team actively moderates streaming content to ensure policy compliance.
  • Action on Violations: Violations may result in content removal, user warnings, or account suspension.

9. Reporting and Feedback

  • User Reports: Users can report problematic streaming content for review.
  • Feedback: We welcome user feedback to improve our streaming services.

10. Changes to the Policy

  • We may update this policy periodically to reflect new legal requirements or changes in our operations.

11. Contact Information For queries or more information regarding this policy, please contact us at with as much information as possible.


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