Welcome to ohmTown. This is a new community looking for citizens to populate the various locations found here. ohmTown has 50 shows in development, and 50 communities that focus on news, information around their topic. There are forums and groups for each community and a Discord channel for each of the shows as well, all found here. Mayor Watt is always looking for hosts, so if you are interested in hosting a show that is listed, please contact the Mayor. If you want to host, but the show is not listed, let the Mayor know. The ohmTown Gazette is the direct aggregation feed if you want all the news gathered by the ohmTown Director. You’ll find it in the top right corner. Consider things in development.

Arts & Crafts
Here you will find Breaking Prose, JewelCrafting, BeadBaby, WorldBuilderz, and RealityHacker.


Here you will find Stockmarketeers, Launchible, FAR Weekly, and HATCHideas Crowdfunding.


Here you will find Dictioneer, SemioticOntology, FourWheelTech, Greenagram, and Temporology.

Food & Drink

Here you will find Of the Bean, Of the Brew, Of the Grape, Of the Leaf, and Distillerist. More to come…

Gadgets & Technology

Here you will find sMACk Talk, TabletFan, CodeFoundation, Steampunkology, Late Nite Geek, and Try or Buy.

Movies, Music, & Photography

Here you will find SMASHorTRASH, StreamStars, MixWar, PRIMEglass, and The Continuity Report.


Here you will find RPGis, WarDots, WarCrafters, LateNiteGeek, and Tabletop Knights.


Here you will find Atomizor, Greenagram, and lifestyle shows.


Here you will find The Daily News Show, CommuterEdge, and The ohmTown Gazette.

Politics & Law

Here you will find PolicyMetrix, PrivacyMetrix, ModernCentrist, LawNerd, and RightProtect.


On Weekends we replay previous shows and periodically have HATCHideas and LAUNCHiBLE open mic days.

Special Events

Special Events will be posted here. We will typically link to other casters, websites, and events.

Coming Soon
Host Bio’s and more…

The Feed

The right to repair movement

Big electronics makers have made it difficult for consumers to fix their devices — from smartphones to computers — when they break down, or simply need a new battery. Correspondent David Pogue reports on the Right to Repair movement, a coalition of consumer advocates, digital rights activists and environmental groups that is fighting for laws that will help combat our throwaway culture.

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Change the Supreme Court? You Have Ideas

We asked readers if and how you would alter the way justices are chosen and how the court works, and received more than 1,500 responses. Some of your suggestions would require constitutional amendments.

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